Your Legacy

How will your children remember you?

Take a moment to reflect on the memories you have of your own parents?

The impressions we make have lifetime implications on our children. These will affect their perceptions of this world, their work ethics, the type of friends they choose, and the persons they choose to be their husbands or wives respectively.

Work generally is a priority in our lives and we seem to get busy as overpacked suitcases busting out of the seams. Is there room for anything or anyone else?

God holds us responsible for the children He entrusted to us. Our children should be one of our foremost ministry priorities. Do not fall asleep at the wheel of parenting.


Here are some ways that you can love and encourage your children:

1) Focused Attention: Give them time and make them a priority.

2) Individual Affirmation: Be their cheerleader. Accept and encourage their unique individuality.

3) Genuine Appreciation: Celebrate the good and extend patience with their growing edges.

4) Provide Affection: Demonstrate this in tangible ways so they can feel and uniquely experience being loved.

Our children need us to be encouragers. Would you rather them receive love and encouragement from others except you? Think about it and decide what you will sustain or do differently for your children today. The starting point is Jesus Christ and we must apply His demonstrated love with the parental message of love in our own families.



2473EEE1-95A5-4064-BE32-1190091C1D25Dr. Reneé A. Foyou

Reneé loves to listen to, document, and share individual life stories. She is also very passionate about journeying with couples and individuals to relational wellness. Intercessory prayer is an integral part of her work. She enjoys teaching, speaking, counseling, coaching, mentoring, conducting research, and writing.

You can learn more about Reneé’s work here.

Author: Royally Relational

Life’s journey is about relationships. Let’s journey together towards restoration (arukah), so you may experience peace/wholeness (shalem) and joy (chara).