Negative Interpretations

Poor communication can decimate a relationship. Whether it is a courtship, marriage, familial, or friendship. Negative interpretations are a component of a poor communication style.

Negative Interpretations are unfair assumptions about what another person is thinking. When you engage in negative interpretations you may hear things more negatively than what was intended. You may believe the worst instead of the best in others. You may only see what you expect to see.

A example of a negative interpretation is: “He is purposely late. He knows I get upset when he is late and since we had a disagreement, he is doing this to further upset me.”


As oppose to a non negative interpretation such as: “He probably got stuck in traffic.”

Perhaps you recognize that you utilize negative interpretations. Consider how negative interpretations have adversely affected your relationships. Commit to changing your communication patterns. Find a trusted advisor or counselor to journey through this patch with you. We also would love to journey with you. Share how we can further support you. Send us a PM on Facebook or via our website at

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