On Fatherhood

Daddy, Dad, Step-Father, Papa, Papi, Pops, Dada. There are countless names the world over used to identify fathers.

Sure, Fathers do not carry babies in utero or give birth to children. Those are special blessings given to woman, mother. There nevertheless are enormous responsibilities given to fathers.

Fathers are called to be providers, protectors, and the priests of their homes. Children need their fathers and women need husbands to serve responsibly in these capacities.

Countless women have served faithfully in the role of provider, protecter, and praying mother over their households. Their sacrifices should never be overlooked, devalued, or underestimated. Timothy was raised by his mother Eunice and his grandmother Lois after his father died. The role these women played in the life of Timothy is insurmountable. In the absence of these godly women, Timothy may not have become of one the greatest carriers of the gospel. Later the apostle Paul stood in the gap to mentor and help Timothy move into his destiny, his place of inheritance.


The role of father however, is one which cannot be replicated. It is best executed under godly leadership and counsel. There is a special covering and there are special blessings and lessons which fathers can impart to their children. We pray that our Fathers will endeavor to/or continue to serve faithfully in their God given roles.


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