The Truth About Fear

Interestingly, something you cannot see, taste, hear, tangibly feel or smell can be a powerful force. Fear exists and can significantly impact our lives.

Fear can cripple. It can kill. It can destroy. Your vision, your plan, your goal, your relationships, your destiny, can each vanish because of the stronghold of fear. The only real and effective weapon to combat fear is prayer, praying the Word of God.

Prayer changes things. Prayer moves mountains. Prayer brings hope. Prayer breaths life. So whereas fear equals death, Prayer equals LIFE.

Remember to pray without ceasing. Pray in faith with confidence that God will change things. Pray through the Holy Spirit.

Here are some Scriptures to pray when fear tries to arrest you. These Scriptures remind us that God loves us, God is concerned about our affairs, God will fight for us, God will protect us, We can succeed, Our lives matter, and We can trust completely in God.


Take some time for prayer and personal assessment today.

Reflection: Where are you on your journey? Who is journeying with you?

Charge: Proceed in faith and prayer. Proceed with the God given mandate on your life.






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