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Reneé A Foyou

Dr. Reneé A Foyou has presented at numerous professional development conferences and workshops and marriage retreats. Reneé is passionate about helping people grow in their relationships with: God, their spouses, and their families.

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Speaking Topics

1. Before We Meet At The Altar: PreMarital Tips and Tidbits
2. Journey to Surrender: What Every Woman Needs to Know
3. Marital Reconciliation: Re-Establishing Trust After Trauma
4. How Do I Love Thee? Learning How To Fill Your Spouse’s Love Tank
5. Loving My Littles: Parenting Children Today
6. Journey to Renewal: Military Spouse of a Service Member with PTSD
7. Marriage Enrichment: Working to Strengthen Your Marriage for the Journey
8. Leading Relationally: Effective Leadership and Team Building


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What Others Are Saying About Reneé

~I thoroughly enjoyed your session at the…conference. Thanks for making it so friendly and interactive.
~I greatly appreciate your clear communication, professionalism, and friendly demeanor.
~Reneé is very bright and an equally good speaker. She commands the attention of the audience when she talks and she is very knowledgeable about the topic.
~A strength of [Reneé} was her energy and depth of knowledge about the subject matter. [She also was able to] keep the audience engaged and interested in the discussion.
~[Reneé was] … easy to listen to and was knowledgeable about the subject matter.