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Reneé A Foyou

Dr. Reneé A Foyou has presented at numerous professional development conferences and workshops and marriage retreats. Reneé is passionate about helping people grow in their relationships. Reneé masterfully shares from her professional training and her personal and professional experiences.

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Sample Speaking Areas/Topics

1. Before We Meet At The Altar: Premarital Tips and Tidbits
2. Journey to Surrender: What Every Woman Needs to Know
3. Encouragement for Leading Ladies
4. Leading Relationally: Effective Leadership and Team Building
5. Loving My Littles: Parenting Children Today
6. Military Marriages
7. Marriage Enrichment and Reconciliation

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What Others Are Saying About Reneé

~I thoroughly enjoyed your session at the…conference. Thanks for making it so friendly and interactive.

~I greatly appreciate your clear communication, professionalism, and friendly demeanor.

~Reneé is very bright and an equally good speaker. She commands the attention of the audience when she talks and she is very knowledgeable about the topic.

~A strength of [Reneé} was her energy and depth of knowledge about the subject matter. [She also was able to] keep the audience engaged and interested in the discussion.

~[Reneé was] … easy to listen to and was knowledgeable about the subject matter.