Total Chaos?

There is a constant battle in my home between cleanliness and play. I’m caught between the two sides. Do I run a tight shift and maintain a clean house or…do I allow daily play involving every toy and non toy in my house? 🤔 Of course I’m exaggerating with the latter statement but it seems… Read More

July Royally Relational Updates

Hello, hello! Over the last weeks we experienced exciting areas of change and growth at Royally Relational. We are working very hard, striving for excellence in our work, and as always, looking for better ways to serve you. One exciting component kicks off this week. This week is our annual Celebration of Marriage Week. We begin… Read More

Royally Relational Updates

This Wednesday February 14, Valentine’s Day, Royally Relational will host a day of prayer in support of your marriage.   We will pray for each person/family that submits their name or specific request for prayer. Whether you are: facing a divorce, dealing with infidelity, a military family, undergoing a Separation, a missionary family, or celebrating 30… Read More

The Truth About Fear

Interestingly, something you cannot see, taste, hear, tangibly feel or smell can be a powerful force. Fear exists and can significantly impact our lives. Fear can cripple. It can kill. It can destroy. Your vision, your plan, your goal, your relationships, your destiny, can each vanish because of the stronghold of fear. The only real… Read More

7 Days Holiday Survival Guide

The holidays can be fun but also stressful. We compiled a seven day guide to help you live purposefully and cultivate healthy relationships even during this season’s many festivities.   Day One: Thanksgiving Congratulations! You made it to today! That certainly is just cause to be thankful. Of course your life is not perfect. Maybe… Read More

The Silent Treatment/ Passive Aggressive Behavior

Something is wrong. Everybody knows it. Everyone sees the change in your demeanor. You really are acting differently. You however, are putting on a show. You are upset but you refuse to address the situation. As least you refuse to admit and address it right now. You most likely will address it in a few hours, a few days, a few months, but it is coming. And oh the firestorm that will ensue. Read More