Relational Leadership

Effective leadership is best accomplished when a leader is congruent in their role. Popular models encourage leaders to adopt an aggressive and detached style. This is not always appropriate for all leaders. Relational leadership often is more effective for many leaders and organizations overall. Relational leadership additionally, is closely aligned with many multicultural forms.  Participants will explore and think critically about leading relationally towards application in their spheres of influences. This training is interactive and ideal for ministry and business leaders of all levels.


Marriage and Money


Many couples experience a transition in their journey together after the wedding celebration. Whether a husband and wife can amicably journey to death do us part rests on several foundational elements. A couples’ ability to effectively negotiate their finances is one of these elements. Money, essentially a couple’s finances, significantly impacts a marriage. A couple who is cognizant of and responsibly engages their family’s financial patterns, positions themselves towards the development of a strong, lasting marriage.
Couples accordingly, may need to engage questions such as, “What is a budget?” “Do we need one?” “How best can we handle our finances with our single or dual family income?” “What is our plan for: Retirement? College? Vacations?” This class will help you, (the couple), to understand and manage your finances, identify financial values, and to cultivate a personalized plan towards financial stewardship.

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